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Lista de lecturas básicas

Lista de lectura complementaria

  • The following sources are provided for those seeking additional information beyond the introductory Knowledge level required for the Neurofeedback Certification Exam.

Aspectos técnicos de la neuromodulación

  • Cannon, R.L. (2012).  Low resolution brain electromagnetic tomography (LORETA). Basic concepts and clinical applications. Corpus Christi, TX: BMed Press.

  • Coben, R. & Evans, J.R. (Eds.) (2011). Neurofeedback and neuromodulation techniques and applications.  London: Academic Press.

  • Hammond, D.C. & Gunkelman, J. (2011). The art of artifacting, Vol. 2.  Corpus Christi, TX: BMed Press.

  • Kropotov, J.D. (2009).Quantitative EEG, event-related potentials and neurotherapy. London: Academic Press.

  • Thatcher, R.W. (2012).  Handbook of Quantitative Electroencephalography, ANIpublishing, Inc., St. Petersburg, Fl 33772

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